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School Bus Wifi


Most of the latest school buses are equipped with the latest technology - GPS/RFID reader/holder modules, WiFi, etc. But some buses may have older technology or might need to be upgraded before they can take advantage of these modern facilities. If your bus has an RFID reader and you want to upgrade to the latest system, you can contact the bus company or the vendor who provided the bus. They will probably be able to assist you in your decision.


School bus manufacturers at https://www.pwbts.net/connected-bus/ such as Interco School Bus, Stonemaster, learngent, Strathlowe and Pacebus offer several brands of RFID readers and card readers. You can select one of them, that meets the requirements of your school bus. The features of each type of reader vary, and you should select the one that is best suited for your bus. Some of the features that a bus owner usually needs to have include access control, proximity reading, zone access, fire detection and automatic fare collection.


School bus manufacturers recommend that school buses have the latest RFID readers and cards. This enables the bus to have faster data processing, enhanced maintenance, reduction in maintenance cost, reduction in lost revenue and driver's alerting. In addition, with the latest cards, the bus passengers are able to pay their fare using a touch-tone electronic device. In this way, they no longer need to write the card down or memorize their boarding pass. Get more facts about WiFi at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotspot_(Wi-Fi).


One school bus manufacturer at this page that offers a variety of RFID readers and cards is Learner Mobility. They offer both battery operated and rechargeable types. Battery-operated models allow the bus owner to leave his bus at any location and pick it up again without recharging it. The rechargeable type is more convenient because it can be used at the destination where the bus is parked and thus allows the bus passenger to board the bus without having to wait for the bus to charge.


There are many other bus companies that provide wifi for schools. These bus companies have been in the business of providing buses to schools for many years and have extensive technical expertise in accessing the school network via radio frequency. Bus companies can also advise schools about the security and privacy issues facing their bus fleet.


The advantage of using a bus company to provide the wifi for schools is that they already own and operate the necessary equipment needed to access and manage the school networks. It is not uncommon for bus companies to also own and operate cell phones which allows them to keep in touch with their clients and their staff even when the bus is stopped at other locations. However, some bus companies may only offer internet access through the use of WAP (wireless access point) cards. Wireless internet is useful for keeping in touch with students, parents and other employees. Some bus companies offer their customers an online account that can be used to log into a secure online portal from any internet connected computer.